We hope that you have all enjoyed your summer holidays, the children have been full of sun, sea and sand when they have returned and have obviously really enjoyed spending some quality time with their families. 

At Footprints we have also been enjoying the sun and spending lots of time outside. The children have been learning, through routine, how to keep safe in the sun, a lesson that hopefully they will retain as they grow up and have their own children. There has been great excitement about the birth of 12 gerbil babies and the children are now able to handle them more as they get bigger and grow their fur. We still need to find homes for these  if you would like to take some on!

It has been sad to say goodbye to all our school leavers but they go with our knowledge that they are independent and confident boys and girls ready for the next stage in their learning. We wish them luck and hope they leave with happy memories of Footprints.