It has been a pleasure to watch the children spending so much time outside recently, I have been reading a book called ‘Last Child In the Woods’ which looks at the decline in the time today’s children spend in a natural environment and the increased time spent using technology. It shows a sharp decline in nature education in schools and an increase in ADHD and related conditions. I think with this in mind that it is up to nurseries as well as parents with more freedom to follow our hearts in what we teach our children, to ensure that we develop a culture of outdoor natural learning.

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

LAs usual, we enjoyed perfect weather for our Easter Egg Hunt. The children enjoyed looking for their eggs in the wood and exchanging them for chocolate ones when they returned to the garden. They also enjoyed decorating biscuits and engaging in a craft activity

Footprints Fun Day

Footprints Fun Day was also a great success, with beautiful weather as usual. The staff team, together with the Parents Committee presented a good variation of stalls and, as usual Eugen produced a delicious barbeque. The addition of an ice cream stall was a great success with children and adults alike. The resulting sum of £900 will go towards the purchase of a defibrillator for use by the local community.