Hunca Munca

Hunca Munca is the newest room for children aged 4 to 5 years

Art, music and movement all feature prominently in the everyday program of activities. Your child will learn to socialise with others, to share, to take turns and be kind and polite to both their peers and the adults in their life. They will discover the wonders of the world around them and learn to enjoy the process of learning itself. When the time comes for them to go to school, children are physically, socially, and intellectually ready to take on their next challenge.

More about Hunca Munca

Hunca Munca is a room dedicated to the children at the top of the nursery, normally children whose fourth birthday falls in the Autumn or early Spring and who would have spent nearly two years in Nutkins. It was added to give more room for the older children as Nutkins was becoming very busy and has allowed us to take a few children into the nursery at three. It aims to take children that little bit further in their learning and development depending on their own individual path of learning and builds on what they have learnt in Nutkins

As in all rooms, we take children as far as they need to go in their learning, but do not push them if they are not ready. Some of the topics we have covered over the past two years have been: the skeleton and systems of the body, the solar system, the continents of the world and famous painters. We like to introduce the children to new ways of thinking and encourage problem solving to help them to prepare for the rigours of school life. We recognise that children of this age enjoy exploring and taking risks and therefor spend lots of time up in the woods where they have the opportunity to satisfy this need in safety.


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