Puddleducks is the room for children aged 2 to 3 years

In Puddleducks, children between the ages of two and three enjoy a day full of fun and learning. This is a time when the children want to, and are encouraged to, become more independent. Self-help skills, like dressing and brushing teeth, are important at this stage and encourage self-esteem. Toilet training is a big part of their development and staff work closely with parents to make this a stress free experience for all.

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In Puddleducks, children are provided with activities in all areas of learning and our large outside area gives them the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills and social interaction with each other. Being outside is an important part of the day and we often go for walks to the pond or visit the horses.

We follow the Montessori approach by giving children the freedom to choose their activities, time and space to complete them at their own pace and encouragement to put them away when they have finished. We focus on practical life activities, including cutting, pouring, threading, sorting, pegging and much more. We enjoy creative activities and get very messy! Lots of fun! Story and song times are important parts of the day, as these engage the child and encourage discussion and development of vocabulary, as does singing. Our focus is fun with learning. Happy children make better learners as "Every Child matters".

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