What to bring?

Some helpful tips and advice on what to bring for your child to the nursery

Whatever age your child, you will want to know what we need you to bring to support your child’s day at the nursery. Please remember that we encourage as much outdoor and exploratory play as possible, so clothes will often get dirty. We therefore advise parents not to put children in their best attire for the days they will be with us.

In general, children need to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that do not restrict their movement and are weather appropriate for the time of year. A simple tracksuit or jumper with a t-shirt underneath is best on most days as we can layer clothes as needed to suit the weather at the time. Bringing a spare set of clothing along will help in the eventuality clothes get a little too messy through the day! Another consideration we ask parents to make is that of trousers with difficult openings – these can make toilet training difficult for your child.

Your child does not need to bring food, drinks or toys with them, except for a comfort toy to help them settle. The nursery supplies waterproof rain suits for all children once they are walking to protect them from inclement weather. We also supply all nappies and nappy cream.

At a glance

We play outside - clothes will often get dirty

Comfortable, weather-proof clothes & shoes recommended

Bring some spare clothing along with you

We provide all the food, drinks, nappies and toys

We supply waterproof rain suits for all walking children

What to bring with you for your child

Babies and Toddlers

Formula Milk
At least one full change of clothes
Suitable outdoor clothes
Wellington boots once the child is walking
Sun cream and sun hat during summer

(All items must be clearly named)

2-5 year olds

A complete change of clothes
Suitable outdoor clothes
Wellington boots for wet weather
Slippers or indoor shoes that your child can learn to put on themselves.
Toothbrush and toothpaste.
Sun cream and sun hat in the summer.

(All items must be clearly named)
(We prefer that children do not bring 'Crocks' to wear outside as we find they are not suitable for running around or climbing)