Home learning

You can continue to help your child’s learning at home

Our intention is to give your child an exciting and engaging learning experience during their time with us. When they leave, we will have prepared them with the necessary skills, confidence and know-how to be able to go out into the work on their next learning journey. From the ability to make choices, drive their own learning and being excited to explore. We believe this is best achieved in partnership with parents: you know your children better than anyone.

Keeping parents informed

We have regular Parents Evenings during the year, coffee and chat sessions and opportunities to learn more about life at the nursery. We intend to give you the opportunity to learn more about what we do and ask us why!  Through our on-line learning journal, EyLog, you will see the activities your child is undertaking and how we are moving their EYFS learning forward. Our regular parent newsletter ensures you are kept up to date with activities in your room as well as across the nursery.

Helping you continue at home

When children continue to practice the skills at home they deeply embed their learning.  Through this website, with the boards in Reception at nursery and during Parent’s Evenings we will share with you the things we are doing and why.  We’ll also partner with local experts and our team to offer you opportunities to learn more about learning, playing and how you can help your child learn and develop further at home.

On the Resources page and through our social channels we will post ideas and content for you to try at home. Please ask us if you have any queries and share if you have any useful advice or tips.